Costa Rica Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Come join us in Costa Rica for a 4 week transformational journey!

Come join us in Costa Rica for a 4 week transformational journey. Uncover and nurture your inner student AND especially your inner teacher with expert and personal guidance from the Hot Yoga Doctor.

We chose Pura Vida Spa specifically because it is a Hot Yoga Spa and Wellness Resort Center. We had the most incredible time in 2011. That’s why we’re going back in 2012, from May 19 – June 16.


Because of the whole package. It’s the real deal! I can totally assure you that you’ll get top quality with the program.

Plus you will be looked after by people who cherish supporting your health – holistically. Pura Vida is world renowned for its beautiful cuisine. It’s healthy and organic too so you know that for 4 whole weeks you’ll be setting yourself up for lasting change from the inside out!

You’ll be able to go for treatments especially on your days off. I have NEVER had such great bodywork done – ever! You can go for relaxing massages right down to deep therapeutic and myofascial treatments that work! Actually one time I had a coffee and chocolate body wrap. Truly luxurious (and probably another story!). Anyway, personally, I can’t wait til I get back!

Everything you need will be catered for. Please visit their website at:

The Yoga Studio at Pura Vida

  • You’ll do yoga in a properly mirrored and heated space! It is light and airy and has wooden floors so the space is extremely hygienic. And the view from here is magnificent. (But hey, you’re not supposed to be looking at that. Right?)
  • Our main learning space is a very large and spacious square timber pavilion. With views overlooking rainforests and coffee plantations. Take a look at that photo alongside and you’ll see what I mean.
  • You’ll love it!

Pura Vida Dining

The Accommodation and Food

There are different levels of accommodation to suit different budgets. I have negotiated special prices for you and for this reason you will pay the resort directly. (No middle man yogini!)

  • Tentalows are private quaint bungalows with soft walls in a beautiful garden setting. Most budding teachers will choose between these and the Standard and Deluxe rooms.
  • More luxurious options include Super Deluxe Tri-Level rooms, Super Deluxe Villas and then there are 3 top end suites available. Want the most beautiful room with a jacuzzi bath? It’s called the Pagoda Suite.

For lots more details you can go to Pura Vida’s own website, and you can check out the “Accommodation and Venue Information” here:

Every meal is organically prepared, healthy and delicious!

  • You’ll be served 3 nutritious meals daily
  • Healthy snacks will be provided
  • Yoga asana and great food: Your body will feel superbly nurtured!

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Need more information? Please visit the home page and the FAQ page.


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patricia albrite January 12, 2011 at 2:01 pm

I am not available to come to Costa Rica for the full four weeks. I am a student of Bikram Yoga and am interested in furthering my personal practice but not really teaching. I am fascinated by the Hot Yoga Class you are doing. Is there anyway that I could participate in two weeks of it and use it as a workshop, etc. rather than preparing me to teach?? I am willing to pay whatever the cost would be but can only stay two weeks! Thank you,
Patricia Albrite


Lorena December 15, 2011 at 4:27 am


Do you speak spanish?



Gabrielle December 15, 2011 at 8:19 am

Not yet, Lorena

I am working on that! However everyone at the resort speaks Spanish and a high quality English as well.

I hope that helps you

Warm wishes
Gabrielle 🙂


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