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200-hour* Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program!

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RYS 200 *Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School RYS 500

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Gabrielle Raiz "The Hot Yoga Doctor"

Gabrielle Raiz
The Hot Yoga Doctor

Hi There!

* * * NEWSFLASH! * * *

As you can probably tell by the dates above, we have completed 2012’s Teacher Training Program – and we had a blast!

… Which brings me to 2013. I am so honored and happy with the enormous number of inquiries for applications to the 2013 training. I am getting dozens every month.

Many, many people are waiting for the announcement of the final dates!

I have some important announcements about the 2013 training. Here’s the backstory so you can really appreciate my decisions have been about you and the quality of what I commit to give. One is a personal reason. The other is a VERY important reason about the quality of the venue’s facilities.

A teacher training takes months of my time to get ready. That’s just a fact, because I take my job very, very seriously so that your process is honored. You deserve way more than being handed a few dozen pages of scripts that you have to learn and simply parrot out like a machine. The program is layered intricately so that you can get your outcomes and be a teacher not a robot. Each year I have guided dozens of people through the program and each year graduates have a high level of skill and an appreciation for teaching quality classes – a solid base on which to grow their experience.

My wonderful and adored father-in-law became sick in the middle of the year. He died a few months later. This has definitely made life challenging because my number one support, my lovely hubby, has spent 2.5 months with his family, caring for his Dad (his hero) and now staying with his Mom and being her support. This is across the globe so I have been a single mom running the household and the business.

Here’s the other reason. While I really like the staff at the resort in Costa Rica I have had to pull out of the venue. When you look at the photos of their new hot yoga room you will see that it has perhaps the most beautiful view of any hot yoga room – anywhere. Really. It is gorgeous.

I regret to say however that the heating system is not at all acceptable to me. While I would get by having a 7 day retreat and we would put up with it (just) I really cannot and WILL NOT subject anybody to those conditions for an entire month.

The heaters, while being infrared, are gas powered. This means that that are NOISY. In fact they are SO NOISY it’s like being in the a jet plane’s motor assembly. The words “like a 747 taking off” come to my mind. It’s incessant, it’s an abuse to the senses. It’s not something I will put you through.

On top of that, the heat is not consistent at all. You have to stand under one particular heater if you want ‘the heat’.

The venue charges mainland USA prices (and more) for its facilities. If it were a far less expensive place to go to, I may have thought differently about it (MAYBE). But it’s not and I will not compromise what I can offer you and I will not compromise your experience.

I am on the lookout for a new venue – if you’d like to recommend one, or are interested in having me run a program at your studio, feel free to email me anytime: info “@” hotyogadoctor.com (or use this “Contact Us Link)!

To stay in touch and receive announcements for 2013 and beyond … make sure you are subscribed to our updates (use the “Free Course” box above; enter your name & email) and I’ll be letting everyone know when there is more info to hand. In the meantime, almost all the information (except prices and dates of course) remains current!

OK … back to normal programming …


Love hot yoga? Well, you’re in the right place!

You’re probably here because you just LOVE hot yoga and you want to share that love by learning as much as you can.

You may have gone about as far as you can go in your practice and you’re simply looking for something more. I know … because I was there too.

Probably for you, your yoga has become one of the most important things in your life. I mean, think of where you’d be or who you’d be without it. Just think of all those amazing changes you’ve experienced.

Well, there comes a time where learning to teach hot yoga is the next obvious step. And if you’re here, you’re definitely curious about how you can do that with me, the Hot Yoga Doctor.

When it comes to Teacher Training courses, it’s not just about learning to teach, you’ll become a much better student too. And from there your practice and your life will transform even more. Your yoga becomes the way you gain even greater focus and purpose on your journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Watch what some of the graduates from the 2011 program had to say below! (Some of their responses were videoed after 3 weeks and some at the 4-week completion)

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With the right foundation your teaching will be the special ingredient that creates even greater magic for your own students.


Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200-Hr
Teacher Training!

That’s where I come in… because I designed and created Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200!

It’s a 4 week, 200 hour meticulously planned Teacher Training program that will take place May 19 – June 16 next year in Costa Rica (following on from the success of previous programs!).

I’d love to tell you all about it because this course will bring you skills and a depth of experience you won’t find at any other hot yoga teacher training course… So right now I want to show you how that’s so much more than just a bold claim! …

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When you attend my Teacher Training Program I will personally teach you my techniques, work with you, and mentor you as you get hands on training to become a world class teacher.
We’ll discuss and learn yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, how to nurture and grow your teacher identity and so much more which you’ll find in detail, below …

More importantly we’ll learn, live and experience what it takes to apply a yogic lifestyle to our modern lives!

And you’ll do this, not in a lecture format but in a way that will ground you in practical approaches so that you can embrace a yoga lifestyle that fits YOU.

You’ll learn how to apply that and teach that to others in a way that leads people through their growth.

So, if you’re like most yoga empassionados (that’s not a word – but you get the idea!) one of the first things you want to know about is what gaining teacher qualifications (with me) will do for you…

Live Your Passion,
Teach Your Yoga,
Spread The ‘Yoga Love’

spread the yoga love
You get the chance to simply spread that ‘yoga love’. I know that could sound corny to the uninitiated. But really, you’re here because you are deeply moved from your very core to live your yoga.

Part of that is sharing that love … even if all you ever do is inspire your friends and family (and anyone else you meet) to come and practise yoga!

Be the change you want to see …

The first step is your own inspiration to affect your own life. Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world” so teacher training can really crystallize that for you as you embrace a yoga lifestyle.

Deepen your practice … precisely

You’ll deepen your practice – naturally. I’ll mentor you as you learn my Precision Pose Techniques™. We’ll do that from 2 unique perspectives. You’ll learn to apply them 1) to your own practice and 2) you’ll learn also how to teach them to others. You’ll learn to apply them to EVERY yoga pose in ANY style that you’ll ever practise OR choose to teach.

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Become an expert on the Poses

Learning the best way to practise your poses and then learning how to teach that to others is the fastest way to becoming an expert. It gives you different perspectives and that’s a powerful thing to have and to offer. And I’ll teach you how to recognize when to apply these techniques, how to notice the subtle changes in the bodies of the people that are there with you!

Be curious! Learn key observation skills

Learning and growth can really only happen when you’re in a state of curiosity. You’ll really explore what it means to be curious and how this will make you a better teacher. And being curious means you can learn the skills of observation – and I have ‘ways and means’ to help you! (Muuuahhahahah)

Be healthy holistically

Living your yoga is about a healthy attitude to life, to your eating and nutrition. That’s the physical sense but it also concerns your behaviors. Living your yoga is about the way you interact with others too, in a non-violent way.

So you’ll not only eat well (guaranteed super-scrumptiously delicious and nutritious), you’ll learn skills of communication that will help you express your most authentic self … in all situations, not just in the yoga room … because every second counts.

Be portable!

Now that’s just the beginning. There are plenty of other ways to benefit from becoming a hot yoga teacher. Hey, it’s one of the most portable professions in the world! That’s pretty exciting.
Registered Yoga School 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training

The Truth About Hot Yoga Teacher Training

It’s probably really surprising for most people to discover that although there are good programs around, the truth is that MOST hot yoga teacher programs only teach to a script, have endless drills of people sitting around in a studio either reciting (for hours) verbatim scripts, or practising rhymes and words that they are supposed to (and even required to) regurgitate in class.

I find this extremely disappointing … for example, if my daughter were being educated that way at school, I would be angry and I WOULD do something about it.

Then there are programs that don’t even teach you HOW to teach. They’re simply bootcamps that masquerade as trainings. There’s nothing wrong with going to a bootcamp or retreat! But it won’t make you a teacher.

No matter what you say to me you’ll never convince me that learning to teach yoga is just like learning your multiplication tables.

If you’ve hung around me and my websites for a while you’ll know that I believe that there are MUCH better ways to teach HOW to teach yoga. And that’s what my websites and my programs are all about.

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By the way, this is NOT a Bikram yoga™ course. I cannot certify you in teaching Bikram yoga™, only Bikram Choudhury can do that in his script recital licensing program. I can however teach you to be a great yoga teacher. You’ll learn DOZENS of poses. You’ll learn to teach sequences you may already have some familiarity with and we’ll use those as a springboard to understanding any pose.

You have to find a training that’s designed to teach you the right skills so that you leave not just with a good feeling, but feeling confident, EMPOWERED and happy you built your skills in a professionally well-structured way. That’s something I can guarantee.

I am confident you will leave with the ability to teach a safe, effective and inspiring class, whatever you decide to teach!generative learning group co-facilitation

So although it won’t be a high-pressure bootcamp I can tell you, that for 4 weeks you’ll work hard on the things that really matter.

You’ll become a student again – and you’ll love it.

Every step of the way we’ll weave specifically designed Adult Learning Teaching Methodologies to incrementally load your experiential understanding of what it takes to learn and teach yoga.

Learn how to push your fears aside

Robert and I have over 30 years combined experience in adult teaching methodologies and we know the steps you must follow to help you transform from yoga student to yoga teacher.

Why this makes a BIG difference to YOU is that we’re absolute specialists in (and renowned for) teaching you how to completely eliminate your fears when it comes to speaking in public.

We have specific processes and systems that you will experience in the first days of training that will literally abolish any fears you have and give you the tools to bring you into presence with your teaching and with your class … INSTANTLY!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously been paralyzed with fear in front of a group or if you’ve never taught before because … we have the technology! :) What you will learn to do … WORKS!

So Let Me Tell You More About How
Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 Is Different

What makes our program different is a unique approach to hands on interactive learning, called Generative Learning™ .

A world first …

Both Robert and I are trained experts in Generative Learning™ and in fact for the last 2 decades Robert has been applying it in corporate trainings, corporate programs, conferences and workshops.

As far as we know this is very the first time that these cutting edge techniques and highly experiential technology will be applied to a yoga training.

Standing Head To Knee workshop!

Oh by the way, if you come along we’ll teach them to you too, so you can use them with your students.

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Grow your own UNIQUE “Teacher Identity”!

You’ll start off simply (because it’s built into the design to be almost impossible to fail), and so to begin with you’ll learn about, nurture and start to grow your teacher identity.

And, amazingly, you’ll start teaching straight away. And that’s because we’ll use the metaphor of teaching poses as the basis for the entire training. I mean, after all you’re here to learn how to jump in and teach. Of course teaching a whole class will come a little later!

You can even look forward to being able to confidently step up to the plate by the end of the second week!

With our expertise we’ll make it seem effortless and everything we introduce you to will naturally seem like your obvious next step.

As you progress, you’ll start to weave in the techniques that you’ve learned. But the curve, though challenging will have an element of ease because of the supportive and fun environment you’ll find yourself in … and the way you’ll take on your new skills.

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The mind loves a well-designed challenge

Unlike other courses, you won’t be learning subject blocks. Learning isn’t linear. So each day, each week, will have a structure that’s been planned that introduces you new information, techniques or ideas that will layer onto existing knowledge and experience, when and as you need it.

So here it is in a nutshell!

Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 Teacher Training

You’ll take part in a comprehensively and meticulously designed 4 week curriculum that’s designed to transform you from a passionate yoga student to an amazing yoga teacher!

You’ll be able to get Yoga Alliance accreditation for 200 hour teacher training programs.

Registered Yoga School 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Now imagine yourself for 4 weeks at a rainforest paradise in a dedicated wellness center that specializes in hot yoga, where we will immerse ourselves NOT ONLY in the PRACTICE of, but especially in the teaching of hot yoga. This is not a bootcamp. Not in an exhaustive-practice-til-you-drop, stay-up-late-at-night sense.

Costa Rica Hot Yoga Teacher Training

You will be stretched … in the yoga sense and with a sense of challenge and fun. But our primary objective is not for you to come because you think it’s a bootcamp.

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You’ll work hard on the things that matter. Every step of the way is layered with teaching processes designed to incrementally load your experiential understanding of what it takes to be a great teacher.

You’ll immerse yourself in my Precision Pose Techniques™ and I’ll walk you through them step by step. I’ll teach you precise modifications, how to teach injured, ill and rehabilitating students and not just regular bodies, because as you probably already know we all have different bodies and different needs.

No other training will teach you this in the depth and breadth you will learn with me.

This alone will make a huge difference in making you one of the best teachers … ever. After all teaching EVERY body is a Hot Yoga Doctor specialty!

You’ll learn that it’s a lot more than knowing what to teach. We’ll teach you HOW to notice what’s important in the room. There’s a skill in learning what to put in and what to leave out depending on your students.

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We’ll work through the systems that will help you attract and then KEEP new students, how to teach them so that they become your regular students, who will become your precision yoga champions (because you bothered to put the time and effort in where it counts).

Together we’ll learn and experience sound and practical anatomical and physiological principles and apply it to your practice and teaching. Best of all, you’ll learn it all without needing a scientific degree to understand and apply them!

We’ll talk about nutrition and general health principles, how your yoga mindfulness and spirit of curiosity fits in. We’ll debunk common medical beliefs and we’ll live applying healthy attitudes and principles for 4 weeks while we take control of our health and have the knowledge AND experience to show others how to do the same.

The venue we’ve chosen is a yogi’s paradise. The resort is beautiful and relaxing. And we’ve made sure that all your meals are not only included, but they’re healthy, nutritious, organic and delicious! I think it’s important to feel nurtured so that you can focus on your own personal path.

You’ll also get free filtered water, free alkalinized water, free organic fruit for snacks, free hot drinks and teas 24 hours a day. You won’t have to think of anything!

Yoga ParadiseI’ll teach you about the brain, how it works on both conscious and unconscious levels so that your class is geared toward addressing both parts of your students’ minds in a comprehensively holistic and helpful way.

I’ll teach you why this sets the stage for facilitating the change you and your students are longing for and again, this is another unique Hot Yoga Doctor approach that we can teach you.

And I’ll give you specific language techniques to help you connect with this goal, and help your students make changes without force, with compassion and understanding, in your own personally inspiring way!

You’ll find this alone to be intensely practical and useful in all parts of your life.

You’ll learn that it’s important to choose your words wisely and for them to get the response you want by being clear, unambiguous, and compassionately commanding.

I’ll teach you how to navigate through many popular hot yoga poses as well as teach you poses that will give you that much needed upper body strength and those beautifully opening long duration stretch poses.

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With our experience to mentor you every step of the way, and with your commitment and passion, we will have a life-changing experience.

You will leave with the ability to teach a whole class of your choosing with confidence and ease! After all, that’s one of the main reasons you’re coming!

I had a fantastic time at the workshop. The atmosphere was fun, friendly, relaxed and open, and Gabrielle and Robert did an amazing job of getting to know us individually very quickly.

One of the many insights I gained was during the partnered posture exercises. I am learning to instruct Hot Yoga. However, while I am able to see where people need adjustments in their posture, I discovered how difficult it is to actually suggest corrections or alternatives!

Gabrielle has such a natural way of assisting people with their postures. This is a quality that I certainly aspire to as a potential, future instructor. I also appreciated the way that Gabrielle was able to discuss the anatomy behind the postures and would have liked to have had more time for this, especially with regard to breathing.

I certainly learned a lot more about my own body, its unique flexibilities and limitations. I had a particular breakthrough with ‘Standing Head to Knee’. I always struggled with severe dizziness in this posture, even though I made sure to breathe and relax my neck and shoulders. Gabrielle’s tip … makes it much easier to extend the leg … and magically the dizziness has been greatly alleviated.

Gabrielle also made me much more aware of the importance of the shoulders in every posture. I had already watched her ‘Elbows in your back pockets’ video, but the workshop helped me to understand how to bring this concept into certain tricky postures for my tight shoulders. I also learned simple techniques and alternatives to overcome the incredible shoulder discomfort I used to feel.

I definitely gained a better understanding of “locking the knee”. Gabrielle’s suggested methods for strengthening the leg in preparation for Standing Head to Knee have been invaluable and I have noticed significant improve in the strength and tone of my leg muscles.

I’m a lot more mindful of my own limitations. Also, although I have always had fun in yoga, the mood in a hot yoga class can sometimes be very serious and intense. The workshop reminded me to enjoy the yoga, lighten up in the class, in the postures, in my mind and my attitude.

I have a better understanding of common mistakes, how to diagnose where I might be going wrong and how to address it. I have also found that attending the workshop has liberated my practice. I’m more aware of personal adjustments that I can make and I’ve learned that I don’t always have to respond to every instruction or challenge when I don’t feel my body is ready or up to it!

I’ve tried to carry through Gabrielle’s advice about posture (especially the elbows in the back pockets technique) throughout my day. I’ve also developed a greater self-awareness and am learning to let go of the ego.

Definitely, absolutely attend if you can. It’s an opportunity not to be missed! I whole-heartedly recommend a workshop or training program with Gabrielle and Robert. They both have so much advice and insight to offer. It’s fun, it’s invigorating and it’s liberating.

Brigitte de V

Move Lightyears Beyond
Any Ordinary Training

Generative Learning LevelsNo two people learn in exactly the same way!

Generative Learning™ allows us to design a program structured for you that caters for a vast array of learning styles.

We’ll also use group co-facilitation and hands on practice to allow us to move lightyears beyond the standard lecture format.

Even lectures become a more appealing and memorable experience!

The results will blow your mind! You’ll be more than delighted that you feel empowered every step of the way.


I am reminded of that classic Confucius saying:

“I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand”

- Confucious

Rather than spending 4 weeks in paradise in Costa Rica being lectured to, wouldn’t you rather be spending 4 weeks in paradise rolling up your sleeves, being inspired to learn and grow?

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Would you learn to swim from a book?

Learn to swim from a book?No way. You’d jump in and be guided by experts and learn with your peers! So as you’ll discover, Generative Learning™ is as different to standard teaching styles as it would be if you were to learn about swimming by reading a book.

It’s ALL in the experience!!! There’ll be no long-winded lectures or sitting for hours on your butt just taking notes.

You know what they say: The mind goes numb at the same time as the bum! At Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200, the content sessions to learn information will be fun and interactive!

So rather than go on and on about it, I asked some attendees from the 2011 Program and from prior workshops to report back on their experiences.

You’ll see videos and some comments on this page – they are yoga students just like you who’ve attended the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 Teacher Training Program and workshops conducted by me that integrate Generative Learning techniques.

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I came to the workshop having had about a 5 week injury lay off (leg injury – tenosynovitis in the lower leg), so was quite tentative about the ‘intensity’ of two days of yoga.

Gabrielle and Robert are awesome – such energy and life. I was able to soak in all the information and make alterations to my postures during the weekend and feel the postures in a different way. It provided me with a wealth of knowledge and re-ignited my enthusiasm for my practice

The major breakthrough for me was the fact that I don’t have to ‘try hard’ to do yoga – that I don’t have to ‘try hard’ to ENJOY my yoga, that by just being there and doing what I am able is fine and Ok and where I am at – at any given time.

My mental attitude to my practice has completely changed – the pressure to perform is off – I relax in class and I now feel a flow, a lightness and an ease that I never experienced before. I am not so driven with my practice – I never felt that I competed against the other students but I would drive myself hard to try to squeeze every single benefit out of my practice – to push myself deeper into postures (hence my injury). I now just relax and DO.

oh and I smile more in class! Oh and my postures feel that they are more graceful and elegant and therefore more complete

The sense of urgency and drive and push that I have always had (well for as long as I can remember) is gone (mostly) I feel more relaxed about life, relationships, career. I have felt more peaceful generally – that I living with more grace.

… it’s a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of your practice and also yourself – it’s also a whole lot of fun!

Jane D

What you’ll focus on when we’re together

The very first major focus is Transformation.

It’s going to be about YOU and how we lay the foundations on which you can build to create and nurture that teaching persona. Interestingly enough, IF a teacher training looks at your identity as a teacher at all, they do it as an aside or talk about at it the end of training.

At Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 you’ll start with the tools for transformation from the very first session!

This will form the rock solid launching pad on which to base the growth of your skills during your next 4 weeks.

You’ll start having small teaching tasks from Day One of the program.

Yippee! Now we’re talking!

Right from the very start (from May 19, 2012) – and continuing all the way to the end of the training – we’ll break down the practical elements of physiology, anatomy and poses themselves, every day that we’re on the job!

Here’s what else we’ll be covering together

The program will have 5 broad chunks or phases that we’ll progress through …

1. Discovering and Developing Your Teacher Identity: You’ll unearth, discover and start to develop and nurture your own teacher identity. This will form the foundation for your growth. Many yoga teacher trainings leave these considerations til last. I want you to start off on the very best foot with confidence.

Learning Cycles

2. Advanced Teaching Methodology: You’ll have detailed experiences applying hints, tips and techniques that the ‘Pros’ use in group facilitation.

3. Holistic Health: We’ll look at health, some common misconceptions in the medical world. We’ll take a look at your role as a health facilitator.

4. Ethics and the Business of Yoga: You’ll cover: Being a yoga teacher in someone else’s studio, Running a yoga studio, Welcoming and nurturing your new students, Taking care of everyone appropriately. And we’ll look at your role as a yoga teacher, now that you know what you’re doing!

5. Integration and Teaching: Bringing it all together

Loading the video …

Loading the video …

In addition we’ll continually weave in all of this too …

  • We’ll examine practical amounts of Yoga History and Philosophy. For example this will sweep in concepts such as the practice of meditation, ahimsa, yamas and niyamas and so on…
  • We’ll take a look at the Yoga Lifestyle, balance and how it all fits in with our modern habits. How we can learn to bring even more joy to our own lives and spread those tools around.
  • We’ll use specially designed steps and tools and lots and lots of techniques to break down any yoga asanas! In our interactive sessions, together we’ll crystallize our understanding of certain yoga poses and how to apply those principles and techniques to any pose (not just the ones that we cover at Training).
  • Our sessions on poses will help you discover pose techniques in solid detail, the mistakes and not just how to recognize them and fix them, but how to teach to avoid them.
  • No single class has students who can all do everything with the same ability. So perhaps one of the most important elements of the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 program is that you’ll learn pose modifications for all sorts of common problems that you’ll come across every day of your teaching life. I’ll also teach you modifications for some not so common problems, all of which will guide you with a system to take care of everyone in your charge!
  • You’ll learn how to assist other teachers.
  • And of course you’ll be teaching (yey!).

Putting Everything Into Practice!

To really embrace your identity of a great teacher we’re going to use the vehicle of teaching hot yoga asanas, and get loads of practice.

We’ll give you tools that will enhance your ability to learn and apply your asana knowledge and class facilitation skills.

Because you know what?

When you learn to teach the asana well,
it gives you more time to be a yoga teacher!

The more correctly you teach any asana, the more time you have to teach YOGA, and spread the principles that really matter – the gifts of presence, non-reactivity, awareness and contentment. We’ll work together on the ways to do THAT too!

Everyone will be better students because we’ll have our detailed attention on teaching the right techniques so that you can’t but help stride forward with your own asana.

I promise you this alone means EVERYONE will be better teachers.

If you’re not already a teacher then you’ll be a teacher by the end of it. Whether you’re already a teacher or not, you will gain access to a huge range of:


  1. Teaching techniques
  2. Pose considerations
  3. Modifications
  4. Understanding of pose mistakes and how to teach to avoid them
  5. And also of course, how to fix those pose errors
  6. …and countless elements that you may have never encountered before.

You won’t just learn about it …
You’ll LIVE it, breathe it and love it

You’ll go galaxies beyond just sitting back and learning theory or being in ‘clinics’ where you recite scripts. You’ll be in there with your yogi friends from around the world putting useful yoga AND teaching techniques into practice.

I thought the session was well structured and Gabrielle was very easy to listen to and understand, and her knowledge of anatomy was very obvious which gives you confidence in what she says.

I think the biggest breakthrough for a lot of us is that there are different ways of doing some of the poses. Generally the yoga class I attend is so incredibly structured that if you can’t do something you think there’s something wrong with you not something wrong with the pose.

It was an eye opener to have Gabrielle explain that depending on problems or injuries that you have there are different ways or going into a pose that make it easier. Standing head to knee pose has been much better for me with Gabrielle’s recommendations.

I also really enjoyed her teaching on breathing, how to and the importance of doing it right.

Do it!! [Attend a workshop with Gabrielle] Your practice will improve without a doubt and you will even start to enjoy those poses that you may have hated for years because of difficulties in getting into them.

Sam F

So if you’re committed to giving and receiving top quality instruction, to give it your best … If you are inspired to move forward and want your experience to be a significant turning point in your life … Then I’d be honored to be a part of your transformational journey.

I’d love to work with you in Costa Rica May 2012 – join me in a special, once in a lifetime experience with like-minded yogis and yoginis from around the planet!


Can’t Decide?
Try These Things On For Size!

Don’t come if you expect to be ‘broken’ by a grueling experience so that you can be born again, transformed. Transformations do NOT have to be cathartic.

Do come if you want to be treated like an adult and exposed to respectful, responsible and intelligent forms of instruction.

Don’t come if you just want to learn a script. It simply won’t make you a teacher. The problem with some programs is that you ‘come out’ the other end knowing the words, a few body parts (often in a coloring book), and that’s about it.

Do come if you want to learn what to teach as well as HOW to put your teaching into action to suit all different types of students. That in itself is a Hot Yoga Doctor specialty!

Don’t come, if yoga for you is just about the asana and that all important end pose.

Don’t’ come if you want to be licensed by Bikram Choudhury. I am not able to certify you in Bikram yoga™

Do come, if yoga to you is about developing your own self-awareness.

Do come, if you relish the thought of learning to apply principles of sound physiological practice so that you can deepen that self-awareness, and as a result bring that to class to improve your students’ experience … to help them discover the key to practising yoga.Choose the right hot yoga teacher training

Do come, if you’ve ever had that instinct to break from your pose because you were itching to help a newcomer when you’ve seen them floundering uncorrected and you’ve wanted to stop them making bad or risky mistakes.

If that describes you, then you’re definitely someone that will love (or even needs) to be at this training.

Don’t come if you want to be bullied in a bootcamp atmosphere.

But do come if you want someone to partner you on your journey and not push you through it. This event will embody the kind of non-violent, thoughtful, life-enhancing, compassionate, and joyful values of yoga.

Do come if you want to be an inspiring presenter with a confident ease! Do come if you want a journey of discovery on your own terms. And do come if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, have 4 wonderfully active weeks, immersing yourself in the best yoga experience of your life.

We’ll have fun and we’ll work, laugh, play and learn together!

So, are you coming?

Yep that was cheeky!

But seriously, if you would like to take this further then here are a few things that are important to know right now:

1. Secure your place on the training by simply paying your Application Deposit of $600.

Shortly after you take your first step, a link to your application form will arrive in your inbox.

2. Fill out your application form

Your application form is carefully designed to help BOTH of us get really clear about your desires and your outcomes for Teacher Training. You’ll find a link to FAQs and Terms and Conditions (including refund conditions) in the footer of this web page. Naturally your deposit is refundable if your application is not accepted.

3. There are some super cool bonuses!

Actually you’ll receive some great gifts after your application is accepted. See below!!! I explain what you’ll receive, when and how. :)

By the way: Tuition is an all-inclusive price of $4,397. Once you’ve paid your Application fee (deposit) your tuition balance will be $3,797.

Apply Now!

Once your application is successfully accepted, then:

  1. You’ll get more information about how to reserve and pay for your room and other important details; and
  2. You’ll get free access to a special private section of the HotYogaDoctorPro website, where I will be at your disposal and I’ll be posting some of the fascinating discoveries you’ll make and the wonderful things we’ll be doing together, before we even get to Costa Rica.

I Think It’s Fair To Tell You That …

There will be some essential reading and watching! :) I guess it’s not surprising to know that the Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual is required reading and you must have your own copy and you will be required to bring it with you to training.

Hot Yoga MasterClass 304-page ManualBut don’t worry! We will send you your very own copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual as it’s included in the tuition price.*

*Conditions apply: If you already have a manual, you can choose to receive a second one so you can write notes in it during the program. Or you bring the one you have and we’ll send you at least 5 highly detailed pose tutorials instead. You’ll receive your manual when you’ve contacted the resort to commence organizing your accommodation!

The better prepared you are, the more theory you know before you get to Costa Rica the deeper we’ll go when we get together.

We’ll be recommending some anatomy resources, including both books and videos. There’ll be a list of essential and optional reading resources on a number of subjects so that you can get a thorough and useful grounding in yoga and health related concepts.

For most of the rest of these resources, unless otherwise indicated, you can even borrow them from a library!

Come To Costa Rica For
Hands On Training, Practice
Mentoring And Coaching

global hot yoga community

Join us, enrich and transform your life!

You have the power to transform your practice, your life and even the lives of those around you when you become a Hot Yoga Doctor Pro Teacher (and when (if) you register to become a Certified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher).

It’s simply wonderful that you’re considering coming along for the ride, to study, learn and teach hot yoga in what will be an amazing yoga transformational adventure in Costa Rica!

It’s true to say that whether we teach or just attend class, most of us instinctively know of the way we’d like our classes to be.

Learning HOW to deliver that, and so much more, is what you’ll discover with me in Costa Rica from May 19 – June 16, 2012.

Until soon



Yes I Want To Come!

Here’s what to do to secure your place:

  1. Apply using the Apply Now button and pay your $600 Application fee (deposit).
  2. Fill out the Application form that will arrive in your inbox!

Simple! Your Application Fee will be refundable until you are accepted on the program.

Once you’re accepted we’ll send you some fantastic Yoga Anatomy DVDs.

You’re going to love them. Check out the details of this great gift to you at the end of this page

Your copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual will be sent to you* so that you can get yourself ready for the program. The more you are familiar with about yoga and the way to think about approaching yoga practice, the deeper we’ll be able to dive in when we get to Costa Rica!

*Conditions apply: If you already have a manual, you can choose to receive a second one so you can write notes in it during the program. Or you bring the one you have and we’ll send you at least 5 highly detailed pose tutorials instead. You’ll receive your manual when you’ve contacted the resort to commence organizing your accommodation!

The Program Cost

The full price of the tuition component (including the Yoga Anatomy DVDs and Hot Yoga MasterClass manual as described above) is $4,397. This means that once you have paid your Application fee (deposit) of $600, the balance will be $3,797.

Accommodation is a separate amount which starts at $2,299. This includes local airport transfers (but not airfares) at any hour of the day, your mats and towels plus 3 healthy, DELICIOUS, organic meals, as well as some items available 24 hours FREE including fresh fruit, tea, herbal teas, coffee, filtered and alkalized water. You could spend the whole time with no extra expenses.

Apply Now!

RYS 200

Lump Sum Or Installments?

You’ll get the chance to elect how you’ll settle your balance. We have a flexible installment option available if you need to spread your payments.

Here’s How To Get Started

OK, that’s the housekeeping done … let’s keep it simple:

  1. Apply by paying your $600 Tuition Application fee (deposit) to secure your place
  2. Complete your Application Form (it will be emailed to you immediately on successful purchase)
  3. Pay your tuition balance, organize your accommodation!
  4. Get Excited!

We’ll send you your gift of those great Anatomy DVDs when your application is accepted. And your Hot Yoga MasterClass manual will arrive when you’ve started organising your accommodation.

All that is left now is to get the ball rolling … just click the button above, you’ll be taken to our shopping cart to process your $600 Deposit!

Bonus DVDs

As promised, here is all the information about the groovy Anatomy DVDs that you’ll get when you pay your deposit …

A 2-DVD “Yoga Anatomy” Study Course By David Keil

(Value $60.00 and shipped free to you)

David KeilLast year, I discovered David on the internet! What struck me at the time – and why you’ll find his work valuable – is that like me, he loves to make things practical and understandable.

He clearly loves to break things down into simple systems but always chunks back up again and examines the whole body in function.

That’s why I have chosen his work as part of the essential viewing component of the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 pre-requisite curriculum.

It is my aim that EVERYONE comes to Costa Rica with at least this knowledge understood. These DVDs will help you advance your understanding.

This way, when we arrive and commence our journey together, we will ‘hit the ground running’ and launch into the practical aspects of anatomy.

David takes you on a journey through your body as it relates to yoga.

In his own words:

“These DVDs use the major obvious structures (foot, knee, hip, etc…) as a jumping off point to function, dysfunction, common conditions and injuries as well as with explanation of the tissues and how they allow or restrict movement in different postures.

If you’ve been fighting to learn anatomy from books, and haven’t really succeeded or still feel like you don’t quite get it. We guarantee that after watching these two DVDs, you will.”

Here’s a list of some of what’s covered in these 2 DVDs:Yoganatomy DVDs

Volume 1

  • How the body is put together
  • Discern where movement happens and doesn’t happen
  • What connective tissue is and what role it plays in your yoga practice
  • How the principle of “tensegrity” applies to your body and practice
  • What scar tissue is and what to do when injury arises
  • What a muscle is (not necessarily what you think it is)
  • How a muscle functions in movement
  • Different types of muscular contractions and where they show up in your yoga practice
  • The relationship between muscles and connective tissue
  • How the nervous system relates to your yoga practice
  • How you bring patterns of movement onto your yoga mat
  • How the skeletal system functions and may play a role in your yoga practice
  • The foot and its arches
  • How the arches are formed, sustained, and impact your yoga practice
  • Practical suggestions for applying the anatomy of the foot to your practice
  • How the knee joint is put together including its major ligaments
  • How the knee functions and dysfunctions (common injuries)
  • Add the concept of “Kinetic Chain” to your vocabulary and understanding
  • Practical application of the concepts and movements to do lotus posture
  • Practical tips for working with a knee that is painful in the lotus posture
  • The structure and function of the hip joint
  • Major muscles surrounding the hip joint including piriformis and others
  • How the hamstrings and quadriceps function as “two joint muscles”
  • Demonstration of where and how tight hips play a role in knee dysfunction
  • Demonstration to show where movement does or doesn’t happen at the hip joint

Volume 2

  • The psoas muscle
  • Where the psoas is located and attaches
  • What function the psoas performs
  • How the psoas is related to your yoga practice
  • The spine
  • Spinal movement
  • Where movement happens specifically in the spine
  • Explanation of bulges, herniations, and ruptured discs
  • How the spine functions in back bending
  • What tissues restrict back bending and put force into the low back
  • How the femur, pelvis and spine function together
  • The shoulders and arms
  • Anatomy of the shoulder joints
  • Detailed description of the rotator cuff group of muscles
  • How to control your scapula in poses like up dog and down dog
  • Comparison of the upper and lower limbs
  • Breath and bandha

Here’s a sample of David’s work:


Just So You Know …

For FAQs and full Terms & Conditions, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

Accommodation and travel are NOT included in the Tuition Fee.

Once you have been accepted, we’ll give you a special code to use with the venue for a further saving on your accommodation. Expect your accommodation costs to range from $2,299 to $3,109 for ‘Tentalow’ to Deluxe Twin Share (with more expensive accomm upgrade options). Single occupancy rates are naturally higher.

Remember the accommodation fee is inclusive of all organic, healthy, delicious meals, constantly freshly laundered yoga towels and many on site facilities.

Oh, I almost forgot … Unlike other yoga teacher trainings where hidden costs keep finding you, you will NOT have to buy one drop of water for the entire 4 weeks.

When we’re at the resort in Costa Rica we also provide filtered water (not tap water) on tap, 24 hours a day. There’s even alkalinized water, organic fruit, teas and hot drinks available 24 hours a day ALL FREE OF CHARGE.


Here’s What You Need To Do
Now To Get Started

  1. Apply by paying your $600 Tuition Application fee (deposit) to secure your place
  2. Complete your Application Form (will be emailed to you immediately on successful purchase)
  3. Pay your tuition balance, organize your accommodation!
  4. Receive your free gifts
  5. Get Excited!

All that is left now is to get the ball rolling … just click the button below, you’ll be taken to our shopping cart to process your $600 Deposit!

Apply Now!

RYS 200